Save time with our innovative aerial measurement software

Create estimates at any time

Finding reliable, effective lawn care or pest control business management tools may feel daunting. We're here to help! With just a few clicks in Measurement Assistant™, create fast estimates with accurate pricing for potential customers by dynamically moving, deleting, and reshaping measurement areas. Don't worry about rain or snow negatively affecting your business. Create estimates in any weather condition!

Acquire new customers quickly

The time and effort expended to drive to new properties and create manual estimates can be saved and put to better use for your business. With Measurement Assistant™, drive the cost per customer down by improving growth and acquiring new customers faster.

Bring in new business

Measurement Assistant™ has several uses. Bring in new business today with this cutting-edge marketing tool! The app allows addresses to be added to your marketing universe, as well as saves images and properties in the Document Manager to use on future marketing materials.

Features of Measurement Assistant™

Measurement Assistant™ offers features to meet all of your needs, which include:

  • High resolution aerial photography
  • Fast, automated calculations
  • Use anytime, anywhere with internet connected computer
  • Can be utilized for an array of different services

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