Get customized field service scheduling software to manage and grow your business

Managing and growing a business is no walk in the park. That’s why Real Green Systems offers an adaptable field service business software. Schedule appointments, provide lightning-fast estimates, route techs in minutes and more. It can even manage fleet maintenance, process payments and promote business. Our solutions automate daily operations and help with marketing. our business software is designed to provide the tools needed to be successful. Use it for lawn care, landscape, pest control or some other field service.

Software for Multiple Industries

Field service management software and more…all under one roof

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an all-inclusive field service management software to run the company along with the convenience of a support team for all your business needs? With Real Green Systems, you can! From client management, routing and estimating to truck management, payment processing and automated marketing, get service scheduling software plus everything else needed to effectively operate, promote and cultivate your business.

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Lawn Care Scheduling

Using our lawn care software, easily schedule a customer’s next appointment, provide lightning fast and accurate estimates, minimize costs by streamlining technician routes and maximize revenue with in-field payment processing. Get the toolkit you need to work smarter with quick online site measurements and detailed customer information such as account history and property inventory, customized field notes, user-defined call ahead and so much more.

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Landscape Management

With help from Real Green’s landscape business software, manage staff from any location and on any device. From communicating with crew to rescheduling service appointments – our software solutions simplify the management process, so you can focus on what’s important: building stronger customer relationships and growing the business.

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Pest Control and Mosquito

Pest control operators and mosquito sprayers know that time is money. Companies that can respond fast typically win new business. Our pest control business software can help instantly measure, estimate, and schedule a technician to get the edge over competitors. It also makes it easy to maximize technician routes, providing more time and flexibility to offer same day service appointments.

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Carpet Cleaning

Your business is keeping clients happy with clean carpets in their homes. Our business is keeping you organized so each job can be done with greater ease and efficiency. Whether it’s managing employees or mapping out the next cleaning job, there’s probably no spare time in the day to focus on what’s most important: growing the business. With the help of our carpet cleaning business software, manage staff from anywhere and increase the number of completed jobs each day. What does that mean? More profit.

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HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical

Every brick and mortar business needs HVAC, plumbing and electrical services now and again. And every service company needs a great service management software to help run their daily operations, dispatch field service techs and maximize the number of jobs by reducing time spent at each site. Real Green Systems’ software does just that and more.

Our applications keep track of new client installations, technicians in the field, fleet status, equipment parts and products, scheduled building maintenance, service notes, system performance and more. It also promotes products and services to the right clientele.

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Residential Cleaning and Maid Services

Residential cleaning and maid service companies should check out our residential cleaning business software. With customer needs such as allergen reduction, specific products and methods to use and particular cleaning plans, keeping track of detailed service requests can be crucial to retaining customers and increasing loyalty and satisfaction. Our business software can help with this and so much more including generating in-home estimates, simplifying the scheduling process and automating marketing initiatives.

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Waste Management and Septic Cleaning

Routine waste management tasks such as drain field work, septic tank cleanings and repairs are enough to fill anyone’s day. So, who wants to end a hard day by entering data from all the jobs? With Real Green systems, you don’t! Our product collects the data as you go, which allows you to fit in more jobs each day and then relax at the end. Our intuitive in-field technology collects the data from techs on-site and gives office staff access to it 24/7 from any wireless device.

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