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Service Assistant: Save time and money managing your business

Service Assistant® – The All-in-One Tree Care Business Software

Tree service companies have unique business challenges. That’s why they want a distinctive arbor care software that can manage their business. They need Service Assistant (SA) – the only tree care software you’ll ever need while in the office or in the field. Our all-in-one software is the foundation to help service-based businesses become more successful. It works especially well for tree service companies that also offer other services such as landscapinglawn care or pest control. Our tree care software not only automates daily operations, but it also helps generate leads to grow the business in automated marketing.

It’s very versatile. With our unique arbor software, data can be entered from the field and accessed by staff in the office. It works on any platform – from Apple to Windows and is accessible from your home, vehicle or office with seamless 24/7 access.

Office staff, sales teams and crews in the field can stay connected throughout the busy workday using this all-in-one program.

 Here are just a few features of our tree care business software:

  • Automated Marketing
  • Complete CRM
  • Complete Customer History
  • Detailed Call Log
  • Map Customer Locations and Route Crews
  • Personal Online Training
  • Process Invoices and Payments
  • Robust Reporting
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Send Invoices
  • Set up Reoccurring Maintenance for Clients
  • Technical Support
  • Web-Based Measuring and Estimating
  • And so much more
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Track Customer Calls and Service Requests

Service Assistant offers a user-friendly, detail-rich, integrated sales and contact management system that stores everything in one place, in an easy-to-read format, keeping you current on all contact points with every customer. You can follow every customer communication, helping to improve response time and customer satisfaction. Use Service Assistant to follow up on every call to your business, every email you receive and every completed web contact form.

Scheduling Appointments for New and Current Customers

Use our Scheduler to set appointments, manage appointments, map job locations and more. Viewed as a calendar, the Scheduler allows users to see service history, color code jobs by distance, service type, routes and more. Hover over each entry to view service details. Edit details on the fly such as start/end time, date of service, etc. You can easily remove jobs from the Scheduler or even block unavailable time slots, so no work can be booked on specific days or at inconvenient times.

When mapping appointment locations, Scheduler allows drive time and production time to be separated out for more accurate accounting. Then, view appointments by either shortest distance, shortest travel or by service time. Schedule crews by route availability to maximize your manpower.

Create and Manage Arbor Care Work Orders and Other Documents

Arbor care companies will find that Service Assistant can handle any job — plus it’s flexible enough to handle any “special” work orders. Multiple tabs allow users to select by category or sub-category, products and application methods. Tailor Service Assistant to your business needs by setting up category parameters for the inventory you use. You can even enter estimated cost, duration and materials.

Service Assistant’s Document Manager feature helps you manage and master every document you’ll need for every job. Fill out state regulation forms or WDI/WDO for pest control. You can scan and link any paper documents to each job, saving on paper clutter and storage. Document Manager links all files, documents, photos and communications with the appropriate customer and archives everything for added security. Easily retrieve whatever you need and access information to print work orders, create customized mailings or contact customers.

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Accurate, professional estimates

Tree Care Estimates with Your Logo, Even from the Field

Create accurate, professional-looking estimates with Measurement Assistant. Measure properties and create customized quotes using high-resolution imagery and precise measuring tools. Access images with and without leaves, depending on the season and type of work. Create estimates instantly, in any weather, without having to visit the property in person.

Accurate Quotes Every Time

Our software will increase work efficiency and estimate accuracy. To provide faster estimates, use our Suggested Service Price button to quote a price for any service you offer. Use our Prepay Calculator to eliminate manual calculation errors. This will ensure that the quoted amount matches the actual cost.

Efficient, optimized routes save time and money

Maximize Production and Optimize Routes with Real-Time GPS and Turn-by-Turn Maps

Our interactive routing program, known as Routing Assistant, allows you to map out the most efficient routes, maximizing service production time and saving money. It offers a visual route designer that quickly organizes appointment data to create optimized crew routes. Routes can be planned out by service dollars or by number of customers. Once parameters are set up, visual route designer can automatically route new sales based on type of service or location.

These optimized routes maximize crew production by reducing travel time between customers, which allows for more customers per day and reduces fuel costs. Routing Assistant uses geocoding to convert addresses into map coordinates. Crews get real-time GPS and can even print maps with turn-by-turn directions.

real time truck tracking with routing assistant

Arbor Care Business Software Features


App to Estimate


Mobile Application Integration


Quickly Dispatch or Route


Collect Payments in the Field


Get Referrals and Leads


Track Fleet and Maintenance


Automate Marketing & Prepay Letters


Provide Customer Account Access

Simplify your business icon

Simplify Your Business

Quote, schedule, route, and payments -
all in one software.

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Save Time and Money

Our integrated payment processing lets you create custom quotes and invoices from any device at any time.

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Grow Your Business

Create a customer portal for online instant upsell of services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Service Assistant help me get more tree jobs?

Service Assistant streamlines your day-to-day business operations, making everything from estimating, scheduling, routing, marketing and payment acceptance fast and easy. Service Assistant makes it easy for you to provide excellent service to your existing customers while helping you free up more time to go after new ones.

Can Service Assistant help me advertise my tree service?

Service Assistant offers several different solutions designed to help you advertise your tree care business. As a customer relationship management software, it maintains customer information, automates daily operations and helps you with marketing campaigns. Add on Automated Marketing Assistant for more than 50 set-it-and-forget-it marketing communications and Customer Assistant Website for easy cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Does Service Assistant integrate with other business management software?

Service Assistant integrates seamlessly with Real Green’s full suite of business management software solutions, including Automated Marketing Assistant, Customer Assistant Website, Real Green Payment Processing, Routing Assistant, Measurement Assistant and Referral Assistant, along with solutions from strategic partners including Captivated texting solutions, Linxup GPS technology, Lawnbot, Coalmarch Digital Marketing and more.