HVAC software to help your business run smoothly.

HVAC Service Business Software

Like any other service-based company, HVAC businesses don’t make money unless employees are in the field.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to maximize the number of jobs completed in a day?  With Real Green’s HVAC business software, reducing the amount of time spent on operations.

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Scheduling software that doesn’t miss a beat

Staying organized is a necessity for HVAC companies. Service Assistant®(SA) is a web-based software that does just that. It keeps everything categorized in one central location. Use it to run your whole operation. SA helps schedule HVAC appointments and more. Use it to quickly view customer history or connect with technicians.  With SA and its modules, you get a tool that:

  • Can be used for customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Schedules appointments
  • Measures and estimates
  • Routes and dispatches
  • Tracks vehicles
  • Connects with techs on the road
  • Gets referrals
  • Has a customer web portal
  • Collects payments
  • Automates marketing
  • Reports, forecasts and analyzes data

No more wasting time micro-managing daily operations. With Real Green’s HVAC business software, focus on growing the business.


Easy HVAC invoicing and statement processing

How much time is normally spent invoicing customers each month? What if you could cut that time in half and get paid faster? With Real Green’s Payment Processing™, you can! We offer a convenient, integrated, web-based payment portal. It’s transparent, straightforward and has easy-to-understand billing. It’s also competitively priced.

We partnered with Advanced Bancard Solutions to provide secure online payments. Give customers peace of mind with a PCI compliant system. We’re devoted to deliver trusted, worry-free payment processing.

Use our payment software to reduce office stress and expand your cash flow. With online access, quickly post invoices on time to customer accounts. Then, simply track all payments and their statuses. It puts payment accountability in the hands of customers. That means staff spends less time on billing and more time on other admin tasks.

However, it’s more than just HVAC payment software. Combined with other modules, this software allows customers to:

  • Self-serve secure, one time payments or pre-payments
  • Set up a single-step credit card payment
  • Set up an auto-pay schedule online
  • Purchase additional services
  • Request estimates and service calls
  • View payment & service history
  • Refer friends and neighbors

It even allows techs to accept payments in the field with our Mobile Live® app.


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automated payments for landscaping

Grow the business with Automated Marketing Assistant™

The biggest challenge in any business is retaining loyal customers. The industries of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and construction are no different. Repeat customers are the backbone to building and keeping a business healthy. But how can you attract more repeat clients when you’re so busy with other jobs. That’s easy – use Automated Marketing Assistant (AMA)! Our marketing software helps businesses find new clients and keep old ones happy.

This software will revolutionize the way you communicate with customers. Combined with our Mail List Service, AMA can help land those new clients. Our service business software is able to be customized to produce branded material. Send professional-looking offer letters, quotes and emails that get you noticed.

No time to follow up after a job? No problem. Just set up a trigger to auto-generate emails or letters. By sending a post-service thank you, customers will appreciate your business. And that means repeat business.

Use AMA triggered alerts to stay top of mind. Say there’s a major heat wave or snow storm coming through one of your markets.  With AMA, send alerts to remind clients of your emergency repair services. This type of enhanced communication is sure to increase repeat business. It also reduces time spent on marketing.


Everything needed to run a successful field service business

We get it — sometimes more than just one tool is needed to simplify work.  With Real Green Systems, benefit from a full suite of business solutions conveniently housed in one place.  Explore tools that can be added to the CRM Software and increase profit.