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Optimize Your Schedule With RealGreen’s Lawn Care Routing Software

Routing Software For Lawn Care Business Owners

Our lawn care routing software is a comprehensive and easy-to-use program that helps lawn care businesses with their daily operations. The software is designed to make routing more efficient, save time on scheduling and invoicing, and improve customer communication.

Factors such as weather, location and customer preferences can make it difficult and frustrating to find the best time and route for a job.

Our lawn care routing software is designed to make the process of scheduling and routing jobs much easier. It can also help you optimize your routes to ensure that you are making the most efficient use of your time and resources.

By using lawn care routing software, you can transform how you do business and provide a better experience for your customers.

Find the Fastest Route With RealGreen

Stop trying to route and schedule everything yourself. Fit more into each day with lawn care routing software.

Some of the key features of our lawn care routing software include:

  • Efficient routing: The software is designed to help lawn care businesses save time on their daily operations by optimizing routes and schedules
  • GPS tracking: GPS tracking helps you keep track of your crews and equipment
  • Quick routing: Update routes in just a few clicks; organize by area, crew, type of service and more

Overall, RealGreen’s lawn care routing software is an essential tool for any lawn care business looking to improve their operations and better serve their customers.

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At RealGreen, we understand that you want to provide the best possible service to your customers, at the best possible price. That’s why we offer our lawn care routing software — to help you streamline your operations and make sure that every customer is getting great service.

Our software is designed to help you plan and optimize your routes, so you can save time and money while still providing excellent service.

With our easy-to-use interface, you can quickly create or adjust routes to ensure that each customer is getting the care they need. You can be confident that your route will always be optimized for efficiency.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your lawn care business, give RealGreen a try.

The more we use and become familiar with this lawn care software the greater the capabilities become apparent. We especially like that we set the parameters to fit our particular needs and so it is tailor-made to our business.

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RealGreen Lawn Care Routing Software Works In 3 Steps

Enter Your Customer Information
The first step is to enter your customer’s address, service frequency and service type into the software. This information will be used to generate the most efficient route possible.

Generate Your Route
Once you’ve entered your customer information, the software will generate a route for you. This route will be optimized based on the information you’ve provided and will take into account things like traffic patterns and construction.

Servicing Customers
The final step is to simply have your crews follow the route and service your customers. The software will provide turn-by-turn directions, so you can focus on servicing your customers and not worry about getting lost.

By following these three simple steps, you can save hours of time each week — time that can be spent on other tasks that generate revenue for your business.

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Lawn Care Routing Software Features

For lawn care businesses, routing software can be an essential tool for optimizing routes and reducing costs. The software can help businesses to plan their routes more efficiently, taking into account factors such as traffic and terrain. By inputting data about each lawn care job, the software can create a custom route that is tailored specifically to the needs of the business.









Real Green lawn care routing software offers an easy way for customers to get detailed, printable maps and driving directions. The software uses exclusive smart-map technology that takes into account USPS carrier route data to create user-defined routes and territories.

This allows businesses to optimize their schedules and ensure that their drivers are taking the most efficient routes possible. As a result, customers can save time and money on their lawn care services. In addition, the software provides businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to improve marketing and sales strategies.

Ultimately, Real Green lawn care routing software helps businesses run more efficiently and provides a better experience for customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RealGreen lawn care routing software?

RealGreen lawn care software is an industry-leading lawn care routing software that helps lawn care businesses manage their routes more efficiently. The software optimizes routes based on a variety of factors, including the type of lawn, the size of the property and the customer’s preferences. This allows lawn care businesses to save time and money by reducing fuel costs and maximizing productivity.

What are the benefits of using RealGreen lawn care software?

There are many benefits to using RealGreen lawn care software, including:

Improved route efficiency – RealGreen lawn care software optimizes routes to help lawn care businesses save time and money.

Increased productivity – The software helps lawn care businesses maximize their productivity by optimizing routes and reducing fuel costs.

Better customer service – RealGreen lawn care software provides customers with the ability to customize their lawn care services, which leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Competitive advantage – The software gives lawn care businesses a competitive edge by helping them optimize their routes and improve their bottom line.

What are the requirements for using RealGreen lawn care software?

There are a few requirements for using RealGreen lawn care software, including:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A valid email address
  • A credit card or PayPal account for purchasing the software
How do I get started with RealGreen lawn care software?

Getting started with RealGreen lawn care software is easy! Simply contact the Real green team, purchase the software and create an account. Once you have purchased the software, you will be able to download it and start using it immediately. If you have any questions, our support team is always available to help.