Waste management software to simplify office and in-field work

Perfect software for waste management or septic cleaning business

Tank cleaning and drain field work is your livelihood, not computer science.  And software should be helpful, not a hindrance.  Instead of trying to figure out your company’s latest software purchase, let your techs focus on meeting your customer’s need whether it’s waste pumping, septic cleaning, tank repair or general maintenance.  Our intuitive in-field technology is easy to use, collects the data you need in the office and allows your techs to focus on providing the best in-field service.

waste management CRM

Focus on waste management, not technology

Effective software; see every aspect of your business all at once
If your business is waste management or septic repair and maintenance, you probably tell your residential customers not to waste their money on store-bought bacteria cleaning additives, enzymes or other products that claim to sanitize septic tanks, especially when regular pumping is more effective. So, why would you waste yours on a software that only does one or two things when an all-in-one is so much better? Don’t waste your money on a software that only does one or two things when an all-in-one software is so much better.

With Real Green’s Service Assistant® as your go-to app, maintain customer relationships and track leads, generate estimates, schedule a one-time cleaning appointment or a reoccurring pumping plan, plot and route a tech’s entire day within minutes. See tech locations and vehicle maintenance schedule, get real-time data, process payments in the field and integrate data with Quickbooks™. This remarkable software is accessible from your home, vehicle or office with seamless 24/7 access and works on any platform – from Apple to Windows.

With our comprehensive program, you’ll be able to create customer and property profiles, track individual tank cleanings, chart the amount of waste per location, establish reoccurring appointments, automated call reminders and so much more. Not only does it help to manage the business and automate routine operations, it also helps with marketing, reputation management and social media. Manage your whole company with Service Assistant® while giving techs remote access to quickly update data in the field. After a few clicks, your techs can focus on the real business – excavating, tank removal, sewer and drain repair, replacing grease traps, drain field work, perk tests, delivering portable toilets or whatever you need them to do.

Get support from a live person in the USA
Use the industry’s best solution and get the Real Green experience. Our company has been in business since 1984 and offers outstanding customer service. You’re not just another customer; you’re our service industry partner and we’ll treat you that way. When you need help, our expert staff will be there to assist. No need to make a call to some tech person offshore. Our customer support center is located at our headquarters in Walled Lake, Michigan. We’re ready to assist you!


Plot and route technicians within minutes

Spend more time on the road instead of trying to figure out where to start your day
Don’t waste the morning trying to figure out the best route to maximize profits. Let our innovative program do it for you within a few minutes. Routing Assistant® is an interactive routing and scheduling program that integrates with Service Assistant. It allows staff to schedule the most efficient routes to save both time and money.

Routing Assistant has a visual route designer that analyzes and optimizes routes for stop profitability and plots the best course for each tech, which will reduce fuel costs and increase production by allowing for more stops per day. Use the drag and drop route planning to add newly scheduled stops and recalculate.

Use smart-maps to find the right location every time
Our exclusive smart-map technology provides turn-by-turn driving directions and can even provide techs with a printable map if needed, which has shown to improve both experienced and new employee production. Once they arrive on-site, techs can see where tanks are located on a satellite map using laser-sited geo-coding and can even attach drawings of tank locations for future visits.


waste management routing software
waste management truck tracking

See your team in the field, even from your phone

Get the software that makes employee and fleet management a snap! 
Combine Service Assistant with Mobile Live® to manage your team and monitor the team in the field. Track employee hours with a built-in time clock feature and see when they clock in and out. Use Mobile Live to see completed and incomplete stops, path driven and route deviations, production dollars per vehicle, gas usage and mileage per day, speeds driven over limit, truck idle and average stop times, when maintenance is due and so much more.


No more invoicing or waiting for payments

Use a payment solution that integrates with your system
Accept instant payments upon job completion and while in the field with Real Green Payment Processing™. Our secure, online solution is PCI compliant and provides the flexibility for both residential and commercial customers to prepay, pay-as-they-go or even set up a reoccurring auto-pay schedule.

Increase your cash flow with Real Green Payment Processing. No more statements, late payments or account holds; It’s automated! If a customer becomes past due, they’ll receive a notification upon their next login into their account. And customer account balances are always up-to-date and reflect the most current payments.


waste management payment
waste management tracking

Use our tracker software to keep tabs on equipment and portable restrooms

Can you backtrack your portable restrooms? With Real Green Systems, you can! With our portable toilet tracking software that combines barcode and geocode technology, know where your equipment was placed and find its physical location with a mobile device.

This feature of our waste management software allows companies to assign each portable restroom a specific name and select its custom type from a dropdown list, which is setup ahead of time in parameter settings. The location description field allows special notes regarding the location of the restroom to be added.

Everything needed to run a successful field service business

We get it — sometimes more than just one tool is needed to simplify work.  With Real Green Systems, benefit from a full suite of business solutions conveniently housed in one place.  Explore tools that can be added to the CRM Software and increase profit.