Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

New to Real Green or just looking for more info? Check out our frequently asked questions as a quick guide through our green industry software solutions and their many features.

After the project starts, how soon will I be able to see my new site?

After the project starts, how soon will I be able to see my new site?

The website project is broken up into five different phases:

  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Pre-Launch

During the design phase, Real Green develops site mock-ups to provide an overall look and feel of your new site.  At the end of the development phase, the new site is presented for review and approve prior to launch.

Can I access my statements online?

Yes.  Log into your account and look for the link labeled "My Account." It displays your online statement.

Do all computers need to be users in the active directory for them to be able to use Service Assistant?

Yes.  To use Service Assistant® on multiple computers, they must all be registered as users in the active directory.

Do I have to print all of my letters at one time?

No, you may limit printing to small batches using customer number range, zip code range, or current status.

How and when can I switch to Routing Assistant™, powered by ALK Maps?

Mapping Assistant™ users may switch to Routing Assistant ™ at any time. It's recommended to shift over during late summer or early fall, in order to gain experience with the product prior to the spring busy season.

How can I learn more about Routing Assistant™ and its features?

How do I add a fuel charge?

Users can create a surcharge in parameters. Ex: Data-Company Parameters-Financial Parameters-Discount/Surcharge Tab

How do I email all of my customers at once?

While in detail-mode from any report, select export to email.  This will create a new e-mail message with a blank subject and message, along with the results of that report in the BCC field.

How do I get Routing Assistant™ loaded on my machine(s)?

Give our Business Consultation Team a call at: 888-345-2154 Option #2.

They will set up an appointment with our support team, who will then connect with your machine, via Bomgar, and load the application. This will be followed by a basic training session.

How do you count “routed trucks”?

"Routed truck" is defined as the daily maximum number of unique work crews that completed work, selected from Routing Assistant in a given month.

How long does it take Real Green to build a new website?

Typically, it takes between three and four months for Real Green staff to plan out and develop a new lawn care or pest control website.  However, the timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of the site and your involvement in the project.

How long will it take to see more organic traffic and leads?

It's impossible to predict exactly when new website changes will start to significantly affect rankings in Google, Bing or any search engine.  The timeline depends on a number of factors, from competition and market to any previous SEO work done.  In a best case scenario, rankings should start improving ~three months in and should get better from there.

It is recommended that your company open webmaster accounts for both Google and Bing to help facilitate the process of indexing and ranking pages on your site.

How much does Routing Assistant™ cost?

There is no setup fee or purchase price for Routing Assistant™.

There is a $30/month support fee, per database. Multi-location branches no longer pay per site.

Real Green is required to pay a fee to ALK Maps for each asset routed. Therefore, there is a charge starting at $8 per month for each truck (asset) routed.

How would I upgrade maps to be current for Routing Assistant™?

Purchase the latest copy of ALK Maps from our Sales Department.  This simple installation upgrades all maps to make them current.

Is Measurement Assistant® available in my area?

Measurement Assistant® is used nation wide. To find out if Measurement Assistant is available in your area, please call (888) 345-2154 and one of our team members will help answer your inquiry.

As always, we're always happy to help clients found out about available services.

Is my Service Assistant password the same as my sign on password?

Yes, the Service Assistant® password is the same password used to sign on.

Is Real Green Systems software compatible with Mac computers?

Our Service Assistant® 5 fully integrates with PC and Mac and can be accessed on any Android or iOS device.

Is Service Assistant™ only compatible with QuickBooks™?

Unfortunately, the general ledger that Service Assistant® exports is in a format that only QuickBooks™ can import.  Clients that don't use QuickBooks typically print the general ledger and manually input the information into the accounting package they own.

Is there a way to re-route printed invoices without looking up each individual one?

Enter stops in "Route Loose Work" by invoice number or customer number.  By checking "Load Batch," any invoice scanned should load the entire print batch and from there Routing Assistant™ can be used to route the entered stops.

My manager runs service calls, but we never use mapping for them. Will that count as a truck?

No. Only routes that have been selected using Routing Assistant™ screens will be counted.

What does local citation management mean and how does it help?

Citation management means cleaning up the information across all local channels (including pages such as Facebook, Yelp, YellowPages and more.)  Real Green makes sure business information is consistent across all these platforms - this includes the company’s name, phone number, address, hours of operation, website, etc.  When your local signal is more consistent, it sends a better signal to Google - which ultimately means better local page rankings.

What does reputation monitoring entail and how is it useful?

Effective lawn care and pest control marketing requires more than a well-optimized website. Reputation monitoring entails checking local profile sites bi-monthly to review both positive and negative reviews as they pop up. Responding to reviews is a great way to communicate with the general public and address customer issues and concerns. If a negative review is made, a response is drafted and sent to you for approval before posting on your behalf.

What is the sequence number used for in the lawn program?

The sequence number represents the order in which services are to be done within a route/day.  This number can be entered manually or, more likely, assigned automatically when optimizing through the Routing Assistant

Where do I go to add or edit my current list of flags?

View flags under Data - Customer Parameters - Flag Codes (near the bottom). There is new functionality that allows users to color parts of the customer screen based on the flag.

Where do I go to print a receipt for a customer?

On the customer's history tab, click on a payment in the top grid. You should see a "Receipt" button next to the "Check Number" field, allowing receipts to be printed.

Why did Real Green take Mapping Assistant™ away?

Mapping Assistant™ was designed to function with Microsoft MapPoint, which was discontinued on December 31, 2014.  Since Microsoft is no longer supporting this software or publishing updates, Real Green can not offer Mapping Assistant™ to any of its customers.

As the leading field service software company, we have developed a replacement for Mapping Assistant named Routing Assistant™. We encourage all of our clients to use this software.

If you want to continue to use Mapping Assistant with MapPoint, DO NOT load any Service Assistant updates beginning with version 4.6.

Will I be able to make changes on my new website?

Yes.  During the course of the project, we offer training to teach how to add and update content on the website. We also provide a customized tutorial after the training session as a reference.

Will you be able to get me to #1 on Google or Bing search results?

We don't guarantee a specific spot on Google, Bing or any search engine.  In fact, be very cautious with any company that offers a specific search result. We can promise consistent, improved traffic and rankings.  This is due to our years of experience and hard work with Google, Bing and other search engines.

Can you accept electronic funds with a Customer Assistance® Website?

Yes.  For companies using the Franchise Payment Networks (FPN) payment gateway, we currently offer Real Green Payment Processing™, an integrated software to securely collect online credit payments for its service industry clients.  Powered by Advanced Bancard Solutions (ABS), this PCI compliant app will help service industry companies to more efficiently manage their billing and receivable processes and provide added benefits to their customers.

Payment Processing fully integrates with Real Green’s Service Assistant®, a top rated all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) software, and its client portal solution Customer Assistant® Website (CAW).  Service company customers access their account profile, billing, balances and payments through the CAW portal.  With the Payment Processing app, customers are automatically notified upon login if the account is past due.  This increases the likelihood of receiving customer payments on time and decreases the use of staff to send out statements and the number of accounts placed on credit hold, which increases cash flow.  PCI compliance give consumers the peace of mind to know their payments are being made in an environment designed to protect their personal information.

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