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When technicians are out in the field, it’s important to keep track of them, and your fleet. You’ll need a reliable service business software to do just that. Among other things, Mobile Live has proven to improve in-field management for your pest control or lawn care business, while also helping reduce cost, processing immediate payments and more.

Eliminate the possibility of unauthorized personal use of the company’s vehicles. Use Mobile Live® on a smart phone, tablet or iPad anytime anywhere with web access to monitor vehicles, and other unique features like a vehicle’s first and last movement and tracking miles traveled per day. Reduce mileage, fuel and vehicle maintenance cost and monitor length of stops to complete more work in less time.

Hold your drivers accountable when they are out in the field. Mobile Live gives instant knowledge of the location of techs, assign emergency services or locate a specific truck in real time. The app will navigate a technician to the job then in one click technicians can switch over to the client’s profile for specific notes needed to perform the job. Sometimes navigating through subdivisions can be tricky so Mobile Live added new feature, geocoding to alert a technician if they’re at a wrong address.

live truck trackingIncrease productivity and efficiency with ease on the Mobile Live App. Rate properties, monitor weather conditions and wind speed, use googles voice-to-text feature, document inventory and so much more to keep your field service business productive. Gain additional customers when technicians upsell in the field. During a service call, technicians can access price charts to provide instant estimates and apply discounts for new services. If an upsell does happen then the app will automatically update the customer record in Service Assistant® and a new invoice can be printed on the spot.

Save money by reducing unnecessary time with data entry. While techs are in the field, they can enter specific data which will automatically update into your system. The Mobile Live app even corresponds with other Real Green software like our Customer Assistant® Website (CAW) and Automatic Marketing Assistant® (AMA). Process customer payments easier when you combine Mobile Live with Real Green Payment Processing. Technicians can accept and process payments while in the field. The software is completely PCI compliant and allows techs to manage prepayments, one-time payments, autopay and installments. They can take pictures and add images to customers accounts, check production schedule and goals, run reports, link documents and so much more. Ultimately don’t let your business suffer because you’re spending too much time on data entry or you can’t find your fleet once they leave the office. Use a service business software that is going to save money and increase efficiency.

For a list of Mobile Live’s features and benefits or to request a free demo, visit realgreen.com.