Target Future Customers with a Customized Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail is having a bit of a renaissance. In a world where we’re bombarded with digital messages all day, receiving an actual, physical piece of mail makes an immediate impact. Targeted direct mail can be extremely effective for attracting new customers, especially as part of a multi-channel approach, and especially with millennials: A recent study showed that 90% of this coveted demographic believes that direct mail advertising is reliable.

Don’t let valuable leads wither on the vine. Partner with Real Green Systems and gain access to all of the tools you need to deploy customized, cost-effective direct mail campaigns that will help you grow your business, including:

target receives direct mail

  • List Management: It’s essential that you reach the customers you want to reach, where you want to reach them – but if you’re using an outdated, inaccurate mailing list, you’ll be out of luck. Real Green Systems partners with top list providers to ensure that your information is current, so your collateral will end up in the right hands.
  • Measurement Assistant: Measurement Assistant’s cutting-edge mapping technology and hi-res aerial photography enable you to create personalized, accurate estimates for any property, while also capturing and saving all of that information to use in future marketing campaigns. It doesn’t get much more targeted than a personalized estimate with a picture of your own house on it.
  • Design & Printing Services: Our team of design experts will bring your creative dreams to life with custom, eye-catching designs for any type of direct mail campaign. With a variety of digital and traditional printing equipment and the ability to do print runs ranging from the 100s to the 100,000s, our printing professionals will make sure that your pieces.

Let Real Green Systems help you put your business directly into the homes and hands of the potential customers you need to connect with the most. Get in touch today to see how we will work with you to craft a direct mail campaign that really works!