How to Get Customers to Review Your
Lawn Care Business

Acquiring new customers without spending a ton of money is essential to growing your lawn care business. But how can you add to your customer roster in a cost-effective way? Through referrals. Referral business is a powerful way to help your business grow — without costing you a cent.

Why Five-Star Reviews Are Important

What’s the first thing you do when you’re looking to hire a service provider? Chances are you ask your friends, family and neighbors who they know, because you trust their opinions and value their experiences. You’re more likely to take their advice over an ad.

 Next, you probably head to Google and do a quick search, then read the reviews. Five-star reviews let you know that a service provider is trusted in the community and does good work. They add another layer of confidence that you’re making the right decision. 

It’s no different for the lawn care industry. The more five-star reviews you have, the more it will help your business. Great reviews will give potential customers more reasons to choose you over the competition.

How to Get More Reviews on Google For Your Lawn Care Business

Five star reviews are like gold. They are the currency that will help your lawn care business grow. Almost every customer will use online reviews to pre-screen your business.

Here are five helpful tips on how to get more reviews for your business.

1. Just Ask

Our first recommendation is the simplest. Just ask! You’d be surprised how many of your customers would be happy to help and give you a five-star review…if you only asked them.

The minute you complete a job and ensure the customer is happy, ask for a review. You can do this face-to-face, via email or text, or on your invoice. Take every opportunity you can to ask for a review — and build this into your business processes.

2. Send an Email With a Link to Your Google or Yelp Page

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to review your business by sending them an email to show them how to put a review on Google or Yelp. The easier it is for them the more likely they will be to respond to your request.

The key is they need to sign in to Google and navigate to your business listing before they can leave a review. Provide them with easy to follow instructions like:

Sign in to your Google (Gmail) Account.

  1. Search for your Lawn-Care business on Google (provide them with the exact name)
  2. Click to leave a review.
  3. Select a star rating, write the review and submit.

You can always ask family and friends to leave a Yelp review if you have provided services for them. Be careful you don’t overdo it, or the reviews could look fake or spammy.

If you have the customer’s phone number, send them a text instead. Many people prefer texts to an email. Be open, honest, and authentic. Let them know how much their opinion matters.

3. Send out Reminders

Tap into your current list of satisfied customers and send them a reminder to leave a review. Try to send these reminders as soon as possible after you have provided service while their mind is still fresh. The longer you leave it, the greater the chances they may not follow up.

Here’s a sample script you could use:

Please take a moment to share your experience and leave us a review.

Hello Mary,

Thank you for using XYZ Lawn Care Company!

Your feedback means everything to us. We appreciate hearing from our customers so that we can continue to provide the absolute best service and customer experience. Here’s a link where you can leave your feedback. It’s quick and easy.

Thanks again for trusting us as your lawn care provider. We appreciate your business.


Then insert a link or a button where they can write their review.

4. Make Your Customer an Ambassador

Referrals make for incredibly effective advertising, and they cost nothing. All it takes is a little customer care on your part. Service your customers well, and customers will become ambassadors. Offer them an incentive – for example, a free service or discount for every customer they refer that leads to new business.

If you know your customers are happy with your service, ask them who else they think would benefit from your services. You can then use that information to send marketing information to those potential customers highlighting how happy their friends and neighbors have been with your service. With Automated Marketing Assistant, you can schedule set-it-and-forget-it messages based on information you enter, so this crucial step is handled for you!

lawn care business customer reviews

Ask happy customers to share photos of themselves enjoying their beautiful yards on your social media channels — or take photos yourself and ask for permission to share. Tag photos with a hashtag like #satisfiedcustomer. Some people love seeing their photos online – it makes them feel important.

Create a Facebook Group and invite your customers to join. Here you can share valuable tips on lawn care and invite those in your group to post photos of how amazing their lawns look. Create a competition for the best lawn photo – and watch your group grow. Remember, in Facebook groups, don’t overdo the “sales pitch,” which will turn group members off.

5. Invest in Reputation Management Software

Gathering more reviews of your services will improve your online reputation. Positive reviews establish you as a business people can trust. If your business is growing quickly, consider investing in reputation management software. Your reputation is everything, and even just one negative review can damage your business. Reputation management software works in your favor, enabling you to quickly and easily transform great customer feedback into a competitive advantage.

Use Your CRM to Track Customer Reviews

“What gets measured is what gets done.” Tracking who has left a review in your CRM is a great way to identify the customers who haven’t!

Real Green’s Service Assistant software streamlines your company’s marketing activities, giving you more time to grow your business. The software manages your customer data, making it easy for you to track the customer journey. Keeping track of who has or hasn’t left a review allows you to follow up with those who haven’t yet left a review.

Online Reputation Management

If you have a website, ask your highly satisfied customers if they will give you a testimonial you can post. Better still, ask them to do a video testimonial. If they do, be sure to send them a thank you note or even a gift card. Showing your appreciation in this way will also help cement them as a great ambassador for your brand.

The more positive reviews you get for your lawn care business, the more likely you will grow your business organically without spending unnecessary money on marketing campaigns. 

Contact us today to find out more about how Real Green Systems solutions like Automated Marketing Assistant and Referral Assistant can help simplify and automate communicating with customers and managing your online reputation — which will make it easier to grow and scale your business. Ask for a free demo to see how Real Green Systems can remove the burden of manually communicating with prospects and lost customers, which will  help you grow a profitable business.

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